In this section, we're going to focus on how to pass Parameters to the API


Almost all of the TruLinks APIs have the option to pass in parameters. In many cases these will allow you to opt in to receiving additional data from the API, or will allow you to filter the data that is returned.

Empty Parameters

Where you wish to make a POST request to an API without passing any parameters in the BODY then you must remember to pass an empty pair of braces "{}". Otherwise a 415 (Unsupported Media Type) error will be raised.

Date Parameters

Any date parameters that are passed must conform to the RFC3339 format.

Date Range Restrictions

Where an API has a date range filter, a maximum range of 31 days exists. If a range greater than 31 days is passed then a 400 error will be returned. If you only pass the start OR end of the date filter then the API will default the other value to be either the start OR the end of the current month of the date that was provided. Where no dates are passed in then the API will default to the current month.