Submitting Tachograph files as multipart/form-data

What is multipart/form-data

multipart/form-data is an encoding type that allows files to be sent through a POST. Quite simply, without this encoding the files cannot be sent through POST. If you want to allow a user to upload a file via a form, you must use this enctype.

Why we use it

We have made an API available that uses multipart/form-data for two reasons. Firstly it allows users of one of our older legacy systems to more easily migrate across to TruLinks. Secondly, it allows users to create websites that use this API directly from their UI


When using the tachograph-upload-multipart-form-data api you will still need to submit the required Request Headers alongside an optional siteProductCode and an optional fileName paramater that you can find detailed on the tachograph-upload api


Please see w3schools for an example.